NEO | Light

NEO | Light is a whole body light bed that produces red and near-infrared light in various frequencies. Benefits include pain alleviation, relaxation of muscles and joints, and improved blood circulation. Pre-set modes make the use of the machine intuitive for the operator....

MECOTEC - Electric Cryotherapy

When it comes to fully electric Cryotherapy one brand stands out: Mecotec. With over 20 years of experience, Mecotec Germany produces the most reliable electric devices on the market today. Displayed here are the Cryo:one and the Cryo:one+, designed for home and business respectively. Mecotec also offers a fully customizable Cryochabmer, namely the Cryo Air.

JUKA Cryosauna

Trusted by US business owners since 2008. Unmatched open face Cryosauna in terms of durability and reliability. Click below to learn more.

NEO | Pad

The NEO | Pad is an Infrared PEMF mat that consists of 5 therapeutic layers. It is idea to use during meditation, relaxation, sleep (or power naps), stretch, massage, physical therapy, and Yoga practice. Click below to learn more or to order it Online.

BOA Max 2 - Compression

Compression therapy and lymphatic drainage is a powerful modality on its own and when combined with treatments such as cryo-lipolysis.

Programs include:

Lymphatic drainageSlimming and celluliteSports massageLipolysis CaptivationCelluliteRelaxation

Cryo-T Elephant

The Cryo-T Elephant is probably the most visible and known device in localized Cryotherapy today.  It is the original machine that the Cryofacial treatment was developed on by Dr. Jonas Kuehne, MD, in Los Angeles CA. It is a powerful device that was developed for physical therapy, yet best known as the machine people seek for facial applications. During the last decade, the Cryofacial has become a staple application in luxury MedSpas and Wellness Centers worldwide....

Pagani Cryo T-Shock

The T-Shock shot out-of-the-gate in Europe in 2014 and immediately won an award for innovation at the prestigious Paris Laureat Beauty Exposition. Over 1,000 T Shocks have been distributed in Europe since then and while the basic science has remained the same, Pagani has continually expanded the range of treatment options.  While priced at a fraction the cost of traditional platforms, the scope of use and versatility of the T Shock make it the highest ROI device in every facility.

eng3 Nano Vi

Cell damage is natural and affects everyone. With the NanoVi, users at various levels of health find benefit. Whether increasing performance, aging gracefully, or facing chronic health degradation, a NanoVi device is the perfect complement.

Cryoscreen by Cryonic

The Cryoscreen is a neurocryostimulation device that incorporates a thermal camera to visualise, on a screen, the temperature and heat zones to be treated.The C02 jet at -78°C and 50 bars pressure allows to get a thermal shock within few seconds. It is a real tool to rapidely detect, target and take action for rapid results and for better patient confort.