NEO | Light is available in white or black finish.

Self-Care for Body and Mind

NEO | Light exposes the entire body to red and near-infrared light in various frequencies. Benefits include pain alleviation, relaxation of muscles and joints, and improved blood circulation. Pre-set modes make the use of the machine intuitive for the operator.

Besides the Red/IR application, NEO | Light also offers a unique "Calm Mode" which utilizes green light along with 3 invisible infrared frequencies. A Harvard Study from 2016 suggests that exposure to green light may reduce migraine severity and light sensitivity, while other studies report improvements in sleep and an overall calming effect green light has on the body.
Thus, combined with the deeply penetrating and relaxing infrared frequencies the "Calm Mode" was born.

Product Details

Light configuration:
35% Red light: 633nm
15% Near IR 1: 810nm
15% Near IR 2: 850nm
15% Near IR 3: 940nm
10% Green Light: 532nm
10% Blue Light: 415nm

92.5 x 41.2 x 39.7 inches (L x W x H)

Number of LEDS: 3,636
Total Watt: 3636W

Customizable Irradiance
Built in treatment counter


NEO | Light

Turning on the NEO | Light bed

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