Localized and Facial Cryotherapy applications with the device that shaped the category.

The Cryo-T Elephant is probably the most visible and known device in localized Cryotherapy today.  It is the original machine that the Cryofacial treatment was developed on by Dr. Jonas Kuehne, MD, in Los Angeles CA. It is a powerful device that was developed for physical therapy, yet best known as the machine people seek for facial applications. During the last decade, the Cryofacial has become a staple application in luxury MedSpas and Wellness Centers worldwide.

Localized Cryo from Head to Toes

The METRUM Cryo-T Elephant is an established device for facial and localized cryo-stimulation that works on liquid nitrogen (LN2). Its innovative construction allows for effective low temperature production and safe procedures.

The Cryo-T Elephant is the first nitrogen device in the world with a laser sensor placed inside the application nozzle for remote measurement of the client's skin temperature. The sensor monitors the skin temperature to ensure proper therapeutic temperature and to prevent overcooling and frostbite. This is an important feature as the skin temperature is the only objective parameter of correctly performed treatments.

Unlike other devices, the Cryo-T Elephant is equipped with a new vaporization technology that does not require heat to vaporize the liquid nitrogen, which improves the efficiency of the device by 40%. Quick start allows treatment to begin immediately after turning on the device. The large 5.7” color TFT screen allows for easy setting and monitoring of the proper work parameters.

The Elephant purchase includes a 35 liter nitrogen dewar that can easily be re-filled from any pressurized nitrogen tank. We recommend the Safe-T Adapter shown below for the safest possible transfer. Per treatment the Elephant uses ca 1.5L which allows the user ca 23 applicaitons from a single tank.*

*The total number of treatments per tank may vary based on the
size of the area treated, treatment duration, evaporation rate,
and frequency of use


Cryo-T Elephant

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Product Details

Power: 110V / 60Hz
Air Flow Regulation: 5 Levels
Cooling Medium: Liquid Nitrogen
Nitrogen Tank Volume: 35L
Air Flow Temp: -193F to -238F
Dimensions: 43x21x31 in
Weight of Cryo-T: 51.8 lb
Weight of Tank: 35 lb

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