Cryonic presents Cryoscreen

The New Standard in Targeted Cryotherapy

The Cryoscreen is a neurocryostimulation device that incorporates a thermal camera to visualize, on a screen, the temperature and heat zones to be treated.The C02 jet at -78°C and 50 bars pressure allows to get a thermal shock within few seconds. It is a real tool to rapidly detect, target and take action for rapid results and for better patient comfort.

The pickling power of the CO2 microcrystals at -78°C, combined with the temperature descent rate and the vibration caused by the jet, gives a reaction of a great intensity called thermal shock.

Unlike conventional cold techniques, NCS is not a known stimulus of exteros-receptors. Therefore, the neurovegetative reflex response that forms the basis of treatment with NCS, will be totally different.It regulates local homeostasis by mechanical and enzymatic action. The efficacy of the results is achieved through the potentialization of the analgesic and vasomotor effects, associated with a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.


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High pressure nozzle

CO2 jet at 50 bar pressure and -78°C output. The Aluminium nozzle ensures a purity of the CO2 jet for better processing comfort. Other nozzles are available to vary the pressure and to treat sensitive areas or areas of the face.

Ergonomic handle

Hand grip of the comfort device. Ideally designed for optimal treatment.

LED Display

View live the colorimetry of the areas to be processed on the screen. The ON/OFF button takes the picture of the screen. Visualize skin temperature, control heat shock and treatment time.

Data transfer

Transfer photo data and recharge your device with its USB connection.

Thermal camera

Immediately target the area to be treated with the built-in thermal camera. Diagnostic and thermal balance assistance at your disposal.

Secure trigger

A simple pressure allows to visualize the screen and obtain a thermal vision. More pressure triggers the projection of the CO2 microcrystals.

Outdoor uses

IP22: This device is waterproof for safe outdoor use.

Mobile and autonomous

The camera is light and transportable in its case. It is completely autonomous thanks to its rechargeable battery on mains or by an external Power Bank (optional). Once connected to the cylinder, the device is ready for use and requires no special preparation or start-up.

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