The NEO | Pad is an Infrared PEMF mat.

Beneath the non toxic fabric and leather covering you find layers of crystals, infrared heat, PEMF, and a charcoal layer.

Ideal to use for example during meditation, relaxation, sleep (or power naps), stretch, massage, physical therapy, and Yoga practice.

How does it work?

The NEO | Pad can heat up to 70C, during which presses the gemstone layers emit a stream of negative ions, which you can think of "airborne antioxidents". The heat offers general muscle relaxation. The mild pulsating magentic field that is emitted (PEMF) relaxes the blood vessels and smallest capillaries in the body to improve curculation.

What does it do?
Users of NEO | Pad report:

- Reduction of stress levels
- Increases in overall energy
- Better, deeper sleep
- Improved circulation
- Faster muscle recovery

NEP | Pad consists of 4 layers:

1. a crystal layer of amethyst and tourmaline stones (amplifies the effects of infrared heat)

2. infrared heat (variable, for improved circulation and detox)

3. PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields to enhance overall body function)

4. a charcoal and clay layer (which emits negative ions and enhances detoxification)

What's in the box?

NEO | Pad comes with a simple to use controller, a user manual, and a carrying case. It is portable and plugs into any regular 110V outlet, so you never have to be without it.

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