NEO | Light

NEO | Light is a whole body light bed that produces red and near-infrared light in various frequencies. Benefits include pain alleviation, relaxation of muscles and joints, and improved blood circulation. Pre-set modes make the use of the machine intuitive for the operator....

Cryo-T Elephant

The Cryo-T Elephant is probably the most visible and known device in localized Cryotherapy today.  It is the original machine that the Cryofacial treatment was developed on by Dr. Jonas Kuehne, MD, in Los Angeles CA. It is a powerful device that was developed for physical therapy, yet best known as the machine people seek for facial applications. During the last decade, the Cryofacial has become a staple application in luxury MedSpas and Wellness Centers worldwide....

BOA Max 2 - Compression

A unique professional masseur device

The BOA ® Max 2 was the first sequential lymphatic drainage device in the world which replaced manual lymphatic drainage. Polish company METRUM CRYOFLEX developed the BOA in the 1990’s.

The device’s treatment algorithms are based on lymphatic drainage massage technique by Dr Emil Vodder...

MECOTEC Electic Cryochambers

MECOTEC is among the pioneers in electric cryotherapy. Their focus is the design, development and manufacture of cold chambers, cold air therapy devices, and specialized industrial equipment. MECOTEC offers the most popular Cryochamber in the USA today, the Cryo One Series. These machines are safe and reliable solutions for business and home use.

Pagani Cryo T-Shock and Star

A simple but highly effective, non-invasive, all-natural approach to body care, the T-Shock and Star come equipped with an architecture of pre-programmed settings organized by body part.  By alternating warm and cold at different times, temperatures and sequences the T-Shock can perform a myriad of functions.

Cryosense Cryosaunas

The Cryosense Cryosauna is a favorite in appointment-based wellness centers, med-spas, and training facilities. The Cryosense devices run on low pressure and have a remarkably low nitrogen consumption. It is also the only Cryosauna that offers Hot/Cold contrast therapy, which is very popular.

JUKA Cryosauna

One of the most sold devices in Cryo history, the JUKA Cryosauna is a known workhorse in the industry. It is the only machine known to have exceeded 100,000 treatments, and 98% of all machines sold since 2008 are still in operation today.

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NEO | Light Bed
Cryo-T Elephant
BOA Max 2
Cryosense Cryosauna
JUKA Cryosauna
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