The only Cryosauna offering a hot/cold contrast therapy option

Cryosense Spain made its entry to the market about 5 years ago with one goal: To offer a more safe and reliable solution for the growing Cryotherapy market. The result were several models of the machine, from "basic" to "premium". For the US Market we focus on the Cryosense Standard model. The Cryosense is beautifully designed and uses a reliable interface made by German manufacturer Simens. Such technology is rarely seen in machines around the $50k price-point. The Standard model features the unique hot/cold contrast therapy option just like the "premium model" (which also offers an iPad remote to control the machine). Cryosense has become the most popular single--person nitrogen powered machine in Germany 2 years in a row, sold under the brand name "Eissauna".

Ice Cold Temperatures from Neck to Toes

Cryosense is a nitrogen vapor powered Cryosauna with safety, reliability and efficiency in mind. It features an optional pre-heat mode that first raises the client's body temperature and then drops it to su-zero temperatures. It is that "shock" to the body that makes Cryotherapy release powerful mechanims in the human body, and Cryosense takes the temperature drop to a new level with its technology.
In terms of Safety, Cryosense thought of it all. The client wears a "neck collar" which ensures that the nitrogen vapors stay away from his or her face. The collar also effects the treatment itself: unlike other systems that suffer from a temperature gradient because they are open at the top, Cryosense can produce an even temperature from neck to toes. A door shutoff is an additional safety mechanism. Should the door be opened during the treatment the treatment ends immediately and the vapors are extracted immediately through the powerful exhaust system.
Efficiency was another consideration. Most Cryosaunas need pre-cooling before the treatment can begin. The unique design of the Cryosense allows the operator to start the treatment immediately with the push of a button, versus a 6-10 minute pre-cooling cycle which takes time and money (in form of liquid nitrogen). This design is also what allows the immediate switch from HOT to COLD should the client desire the contrast therapy option.
Simplicity was another design emphasis. The operator faces to a very simple user interface to allow him/her to focus the customer at all times.

*The total number of treatments per tank may vary based on the
size of the area treated, treatment duration, evaporation rate,
and frequency of use

Product Details

Power Supply: 208-240V, 50-60Hz
Nominal Power Intake: 300W
During Drying: 3500W
Dimensions (H/W/D)91in x 37in x 72in
Cryosauna Weight: 1056lbs
Max Temperature: +176F
Min Temperature: -320F
Parameters shown on Cabin display
Door Safety Shutoff: Yes

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