BOA Max 2 (including 24-chamber pants and jacket)


The BOA Max 2 is a pressotherapy device by METRUM Cryoflex, which offers various modes including lymphatic drainage, sports massage, and body slimming.  The BOA purchase includes a lower-body 24-chamber pant attachment and a 24-chamber upper-body “jacket” attachment.

The BOA Max 2 is a powerful stand-alone device that does not require constant supervision of an operator, which makes it easy to integrate into your business without hiring additional staff.  The BOA is frequently used in conjunction with body-contouring devices like Coolsculpting or the Cryo T-Shock.  It dramatically accelerates results of these treatments.



Programs include:

  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Slimming and cellulite
  • Sports massage
  • Lipolysis Captivation
  • Cellulite
  • Relaxation

Chamber "overlapping" system:


Each chamber in the cuff is connected to the next one in an"overlapping" fashion. This unique technological solution means that the lymph is pushed in the right direction and pace (according to the manual drainage methodology). The use of devices without this system is associated with a high risk of excessive lymph accumulation in the area of its outflow to the nodes causing dangerous swelling and possible lymph-node damage. Thus, this design adds safety and efficacy to the BOA Max 2.

Smooth Gradient Regulation:

Individually controlled maximal pressure is reduced in accordance with the pressure gradient in lymphatic or venous vessels. As a result of gradient regulation, a strong beginning of the massage in parts of the body distant from inguinal nodes (feet, shank) smoothly proceeds to a massage of a medium and low strength at the level of thighs, pelvis and abdomen (in accordance with manual drainage method).  Just like the overlapping system, this is yet another design aspect adding to the safety and efficacy of the BOA MAX 2.

*jacket and pants work on the same principle

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